Are you spontaneous? Do you like adventure? Are you open to trying new things and seeing new places? If so the Dynamite Adventure Club is the organization for you!

The Dynamite Adventure Club (“DAC”) was formed to encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone and be open to trying new adventures.

Dynamite Adventure Club Has Two Components:

Group Travel Events: We will work with our trusted vendors and suppliers to plan several group travel events planned throughout the year. During the group travel vacation there will be one or more adventure events planned and adventure club members will be invited to participate. There will be an activity fee to participate (the fee will cover the cost of the adventure). Participants will not know what activity we are doing, they just have to show up and be prepared! A day before the event, participants will be provided with the specific instructions (ex. what to wear) but the rest will be left a surprise! Adventures will vary from cultural/arts events like attending an opera to outdoor activities such as white water rafting.

Individual Travel Adventures: Are you open and spontaneous enough to let us plan a vacation for you without any involvement? If so provide us with your budget and Dynamite Travel will work with our trusted vendors and suppliers to plan an entire vacation for you and all you have to do is show up! Vacation options can range from a staycation in your own city to a spontaneous vacation out of the country! This option is great for travelers who love adventure and experiencing life as it comes. You’ll be both proud and surprised at how much fun you can have if you step outside of your normal boundaries and just live!

The intent of the Dynamite Adventure Club activities is to encourage the growth and development of well-rounded individuals. We want to encourage travelers to step outside of their comfort zone and really experience life! We at Dynamite Travel, LLC hope that you will join us on our next adventure or decide to take one on your own!