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During this summer, I have been making my rounds at different hotels across the state of Florida to assess the similarities and differences in quality, policy, and procedures during COVID-19. Upon entering the hotel I was greeted by a staff member who welcomed me. There was no hand sanitizer at the desk or no sanitizer station. They did have signs up that required guests to wear masks. The desk agent and other staff were all wearing masks. She explained what services had been modified during this time. There would be no housekeeping and there was a grab and go breakfast option. Once I entered the room it appeared to be very clean however, the bathroom only appeared to be somewhat cleaned. I observed marks on the floor making it seem as if it had not been mopped. While overall the property seemed to be clean it didn’t give me high levels of confidence that I’d felt at some of the other properties I’ve observed during this time. I would probably not recommend this property until their cleaning and safety practices were more noticeable.

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