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In my quest to research different brands and properties I decided on this property because of its location to the beach. The property is a beachfront hotel that sits right on the beach (Atlantic Ocean). Once I entered there were two staff people at the front desk that were happy to greet me. The lobby was fairly empty and only had a few guests in it. This was the first indication to me that this hotel may actually be busy and full with guests because at other properties the staff were away from the front desk working on other tasks. The front desk staff were very friendly and helpful. They did not mention any of the changes I had to ask them about any new changes. I learned that at this property similar to others there would be no housekeeping. If we needed any linens, we would have to request them from the front desk. Our rooms would not be cleaned until we checked out. The hotel had a bar that was open but the hours were reduced. I also learned that the bar was only serving canned and bottled drinks. The property was still offering their breakfast but the offerings only included items that were packaged such as muffins, danishes, oatmeal, and yogurt. The public areas such as the lobby lounge and pool areas were open. I learned that this hotel was operating at full capacity and was actually sold out. Although the hotel was sold out it never felt crowded and everyone was honoring the social distancing rules. Most people did not wear masks but everyone was respecting the social distancing rules. I applaud Marriott for all that they are doing to try to keep their guests safe and return to normal operations. I do hope that at some point they will reintroduce cleaning to the rooms.

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