Dynamite Discovery: How to Enjoy Luxury Travel With Your Dog

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Traveling with companions is a great way to share wonderful memories and experiences with your loved ones, but who said that companion had to be human? Many travelers choose to bring their precious pooch on their journey and for good reason! With their playful attitudes, wagging tails, and famous puppy-dog eyes, it’s no wonder many travelers want to bring their dog with them. That said, properly caring for your dog while on vacation is the key to a fantastic time.

At Dynamite Travel, we prioritize the experience of all our travelers, including our non-human ones. To help you out, here’s a short guide on how to enjoy luxury travel with your dog. 

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Packing for Your Pooch

While packing your outfits and hygienic items, remember that your pet will need special equipment too. Dogs require several tools, toys, and special equipment for their travels, so carefully consider what your four-legged friend might need.

Some items, like bowls for food and water or trash bags for droppings, are great to bring. That said, packing more personal belongings is an easy way to help your dog feel safer and more comfortable. Some of these items might include:

  • Portable water bowls for long walks
  • Toys and games to keep your dog entertained
  • Shoes to keep your dog’s paws safe
  • Comfortable collars and harnesses for your dog’s leash
  • Medications, vaccination records, and ID cards for your dog’s health and safety.

Each vacation is unique, and by prioritizing your dog’s accessories accordingly, you can help your dog feel more relaxed in their environment. You must bring the correct items, no matter where or how you travel with your dog.

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Choose Your Destination Wisely

What activities do you like to do while traveling? Does cruising through the streets, window-shopping and taste-testing everywhere you go seem appealing? Perhaps you’re traveling to explore the great outdoors. You might even travel to experience cultures abroad and learn as much about the world as possible. Whatever your reason for choosing your destination, make sure it aligns with what your dog feels comfortable doing.

Many travel destinations are amazing for humans but might be less amazing for our dogs. Because of that, it’s important to consider how your dog would react to your destination and adjust accordingly. Many nature reserves and environmental goals are extremely dog-friendly, but bustling cities and exciting venues might not be as ideal. To keep your pup (and yourself) from stressing on vacation, make sure you’re only taking your dog to areas where they can enjoy themselves. It is a vacation, after all!

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Find a Pet-Friendly Place to Stay

As traveling becomes safer, more and more hotels, villas, and resorts are opening their doors to wonderful dogs. That said, many locations still have strict regulations against pets (some of them won’t let any animals in at all!). Think about your stay carefully and make sure it’s the perfect place for your pet to stay.

Some hotels take the extra step and offer dog-friendly activities and accommodations. Many hotels now provide available outdoor space or nearby parks with clear pathways to help travelers tend to their pup. Other hotels go even further and provide special treatment to their furry visitors. Some of these hotels (and their facilities) include:

  • Delano Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada), which offers Doggie Butler services, Doggie Delights Room Service, and more.
  • The Peninsula Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills, California), which offers doggie massages, “pawdicures,” and more.
  • Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort (Tuscany, Italy), which offers a doggie welcome basket, special dog beds and blankets, and more.
  • Grand Hyatt Vail (Vail Ski Resort, Colorado), which offers regular “yappy hours” and welcome amenities for visiting dogs.

Choosing the right hotel is just as important for dogs as for humans. By researching your potential hotel, you can discover more about the accommodations and comforts they can offer you and your precious pet.

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Plan Activities With Your Dog

There’s no need to leave your dog at the hotel when you can bring them along for the fun! Including many dog-friendly activities can fill your vacation with fun events, help you bond with your dog, and give you memories that will last a lifetime. 

When planning activities with your dog, be sure to consider what scenarios they like being in. Are they an active dog? Consider going on a hike or playing on the beach with them. Is your dog a social butterfly? Take them to dog parks and gatherings to let them mingle among other pups. Is your dog more laid-back? Buy or rent a carrier or stroller and whisk them away on a relaxing walk through your destination.

No matter what you do on vacation, ensuring your dog experiences it with you is essential to a wonderful trip. Keeping your dog entertained can strengthen the bond you share and help it stay joyful and engaged. We all want our pets to be as happy as possible, and making them feel included is exactly how to do that. 

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Stay Up-to-Date with Animal Flight Policies

Animal flight policies are always changing, so before you embark on your journey, take some time to study the updated rules. Several airlines keep their policies readily available on their website, so if you want to begin researching, start there. You can also email or call their customer service workers – they’ll gladly help with any questions or concerns you have!

Remember that animal flight policies vary between more factors than just the airline you’re traveling with. Your destination, your dog’s size and breed, and your chosen transportation method can all influence flight policies. Researching these changing policies is a great way to ensure your pet’s safety. 

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Know When to Leave Your Dog Behind

Including your dog in your vacation is vital to keeping your pet happy, but knowing when to leave them at the hotel is equally important. Certain events, activities, and destinations may not be suitable for dogs. As much as we want to travel with our canine, there may be some cases where it’s best to leave them behind. 

Finding out what events and activities to leave your dog out of relies on your pet’s preferences. If your dog is more shy than social, consider leaving them at the hotel while you go on a shopping spree through town. If your dog struggles with health conditions or energizing activities, think about keeping them at your resort while you take a long hike along the beach. 

Though many countries across the world pride themselves on their care for dogs, there are still many destinations that are not so dog-friendly. If you want to travel to those areas, consider leaving your dog in the care of someone trusted or a doggy boarding home. As fun as it is to bring your dog on trips, it might be best for them to stay in a safe and comfortable environment. 

We all want nothing more than to give our dogs the joyful experiences they deserve. Dogs are our best friends, and giving them the care and joy they deserve while traveling is extremely vital. If you need personal assistance from a travel expert, contact a travel advisor at Dynamite Travel to help you. We’ll be more than happy to help you (and your beloved dog) on your travels. 

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