Supporting Diversity in Tourism: Highlighting Black-Owned Travel and Hospitality Businesses

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Did you know that August is Black-Owned Business month? In a world dominated by large corporations, it is especially important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of black entrepreneurs across the globe. This is especially true for black travel and hospitality business owners, who unite and rejoice in the beauty of cultures and creations. Let’s delve into a few black-owned travel businesses you can support this August.

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Camp Yoshi

Founded by Chef Rashad Frazier, his wife Shequeita, and his brother Ron, Camp Yoshi connects BIPOC travelers to the great outdoors. They immerse their voyagers into the wilderness through exclusive tours, including excursions to volcanic mountains, walks through peaceful vineyards, hikes up crashing waterfalls, and more. 

Camp Yoshi prides itself on their origins – and for good reason! Camp Yoshi was founded during the surge of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 when Rashad Frazier planned trips to remote locations to escape the tensions of daily life. Now, he and his team work together to help travelers of all kinds journey across the wild and beautiful regions of the world.

Are you interested in one of their exclusive camping journeys? You can find them on their website or see what they’re up to on their Instagram or other social media pages. No matter how you camp, it’s essential to do it right, and Camp Yoshi is the perfect team to help you do that!

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The Black Travel Box

From specialty soaps to practical pouches, The Black Travel Box has everything a black traveler could need. This business specializes in producing and selling travel-friendly skincare and hair products for black adventurers. Their excellent reviews are a testament to their product’s design and functionality, making them the perfect shop for any black traveler looking to keep their hair and skincare in check during vacation.

The Black Travel Box sells diverse products for its loyal customers. Most of their wares consist of hair, lip, and body balms designed to moisturize and soothe your skin. Not only are these products excellent in practice – they are perfect for navigating the TSA during long flights abroad. The Black Travel Box also sell unique candles under their “Staycation” name, sleep kits for nights away from home, and bundles of assorted products packaged as a gift. 

Want to get your hands on some of these distinct products yourself? Visit their official online store and browse their goods for yourself!

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Journey Black Home

If you’re looking for all things “black travel,” look no further than Journey Black Home. This website is the hub of black businesses nationwide, including restaurants, Airbnbs, and more. No other website compiles the experiences and memories of black travelers across the country better than Journey Black Home. 

Journey Black Home offers a unique organization of black-owned businesses for travelers to explore during their trip. Many of their recommendations include restaurants, each more impressive than the last. Their list of Airbnbs contains over 200 black-owned spaces to rent, including beachside condos, desert retreats, mountain apartments, and more. Their collection of black-owned Airbnbs is continuously growing, so be sure to check it out for your next trip!

If you want to travel with black-owned businesses in mind, visit Journey Black Home to learn all about their discoveries. You can visit their official website for a list of black-owned enterprises and keep up with their latest outings on their Instagram or other social media pages. 

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Overseas With Ease

Traveling abroad for a short while is exciting enough, but if you’re ready to take a leap of faith and move abroad, Overseas With Ease is the perfect business to help you with that. Overseas With Ease aims to make moving abroad as simple as possible by offering plenty of relocation services, consultations, and personalized education.

Overseas With Ease was founded Amber C. Edwards, a black woman who faced the struggles of moving abroad several times throughout her career. These struggles inspired her to start an app designed specifically for black Americans looking to relocate abroad. Now, she and her team work diligently to help black Americans move internationally with comfort. 

Are you looking to move across the world? Need a little personalized assistance from someone who’s “been there, done that” several times? You can reach out to Overseas With Ease by visiting their website or scheduling a call

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Dynamite Travel

What would an article about notable black-owned travel businesses be without mentioning Dynamite Travel? As one of the top luxury travel businesses in the world, Dr. Terika Haynes founded Dynamite Travel with hopes that she could provide travelers with unforgettable experiences. Now as ASTA’s Travel Advisor of the Year, she continues to offer explorers precious memories through beautiful vacations.

Dynamite Travel is a travel agency that caters to its travelers’ needs unlike any other. This business provides unforgettable luxury vacations to all who book with it. Whether travelers want daring adventures abroad, relaxing excursions to the unknown, enlightening trips to their favorite destinations, or anything in between, the team at Dynamite Travel works hard to provide all of these experiences. 

Are you ready to book your own luxury travel service? Want to make sure it’ll be a vacation you’ll never forget? Reach out to Dynamite Travel’s team through their “Contact Us” tab, and let the team give you a Dynamite Experience!


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