Dynamite Discovery: How to Save Money When Planning Your Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Photo from Unsplash

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Destination Wedding Photo from Unsplash

How to Save Money On Your Destination Wedding

Weddings can be both costly and stressful, but with some planning and creativity (and sometimes a whole lot of wine) they don’t have to be! Every couple deserves to have the day they’ve always dreamed of, and we’re breaking down a few ways to save some cash, while still having a fairytale destination wedding.

Use a Travel Advisor

While it may sound counterintuitive, to save money (and time) on a destination wedding, having a travel advisor is the way to go. They help with everything from scouting resorts and venues to handling travel arrangements for all of your family members, booking flights, answering questions, and almost always offer group discounts! 

Go for Green (Instead of Florals)

You’ve already got jaw-dropping scenery, no one will even notice if you’re carrying roses, greenery, or a bouquet of seashells for that matter! By opting out of flowers, and selecting local greenery instead, you’ll save yourself a ton of cash that is better off spent elsewhere. If you’re tying the knot at a resort with wedding packages, florals are often included but check with your travel advisor or resort contact to be certain. 

Affordable Dress

I know. The dress is a big deal. But hear me out… Most destination weddings occur in tropical locals such as the Caribbean or Mexico, and the hot climate means you don’t want to be sweating in a cumbersome ballroom gown. Consider a lighter, flowier dress that you don’t spend an arm and a leg on.

 Skip the Wedding Favors

Instead of monogrammed shot glasses or sunglasses and flip flops for your guests, consider allocating those funds to a group activity or excursion that everyone may enjoy.  The wedding trinkets (while cute in photos) often end up getting trashed or shoved in a closet, whereas travel memories last a lifetime!

Timing is Everything

Skip hosting a wedding over Spring Break, or other popular travel times where the prices rise significantly. This is just another reason why working with a travel advisor can be so beneficial, they can help shed some light on off-peak travel dates and booking windows. 

Consider Your Guest List

Like local weddings, the cost increases the more people attend. Think hard about inviting your third cousin once removed, or your boss from three jobs ago. 

Considering a destination wedding but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered, so let’s connect!

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