Dynamite Dish: The Biggest Destination Wedding Trends of 2022

Turks and Caicos Beaches Wedding

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Destination weddings may have been put on pause for the last two years, but they’re back with a vengeance! From mini-elopements to grand cross-border affairs, saying “I Do” with your friends and family in a stunning locale is showing to be increasing in popularity, due to the travel-starved masses looking for an excuse to celebrate and get away.  Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends that we’re going to be seeing in destination weddings for 2022 and beyond.

Brides What Is A Micro Wedding Image

Micro Weddings

Weddings can get really big really fast. By paring down the guest list to your absolute nearest and dearest, you can keep the affair intimate, low-key, and all about you and your love. Bonus: The fewer people, the less you pay for food and drinks (menu dependent, of course).

Wedding In Nature

Natural Elements

Forget dramatic chandeliers and extra-large pieces of statement décor. We’re seeing more and more of the incorporation of natural elements (wood, greenery, etc) with minimal décor and lighting, so as not to detract from the surroundings. Bonus: This is often a more economical option than renting a large amount of décor.  

Champagne Sunset Cruise

Experiences over Trinkets

We’ve all seen the baskets of flip-flops, the monogrammed drink umbrellas, and the like. Couples are saying no to these favors at an increasing rate and opting instead for experiences that their family and wedding party can enjoy together. Activities like a sunset cruise, group dance lessons, or beachfront yoga sessions all give guests (including the bride and groom) memories that will last far longer than a wedding souvenir.  

Private Home Wedding

Private Venues

While all-inclusive resorts still tend to rule when it comes to destination weddings, more couples are choosing to take over private villas or homes, or even exclusively buy out a smaller resort for their use. Providing intimacy, safety, and a feeling of exclusivity, a private venue also ensures that the attention and service will solely be focused on the couple and their guests, and no one else. 

Sandals Elopement


Want to take it back to basics? Just you and your love, exchanging vows somewhere special to you both. Elopements took off in a big way during Covid, but have yet to die down, with many couples opting to take the fuss and stress out of their big day, and just keep it simple.

Turks and Caicos Beaches Wedding

Small but Spectacular

Forget inviting 200 people to Cancun. Think 35 people jetting off to Mykonos instead. Couples are opting to combine a few trends (micro-weddings, high-end luxury, experiential travel) into one, and orchestrating fabulous, over-the-top wedding affairs that are equal parts deluxe getaway and destination wedding. 

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