Dynamite Dish: First Look at Lake Nona Wave Hotel

Lake Nona Wave Hotel

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Lake Nona Wave Hotel

Welcome to a groundbreaking development in Lake Nona called the Lake Nona Wave Hotel. This hot new hotel is like nothing that we’ve seen in the Orlando area and I’m super excited! From the minute that you walk into the Living Room (what they refer to as their lobby), you feel like you’ve been transformed into an art exhibit.

Lake Nona Wave Hotel

The rooms and the bathrooms are very spacious compared to a typical hotel room. The showers are massive! The furniture in the rooms is mainly all custom made. Technology is throughout the room in various ways. Some examples are that the windows have UV ray sensors and adjust based on the sun’s intensity level and each room comes with an iPad. Let’s not forget my favorite part of the room which is the Toto toilet!

Lake Nona Wave Hotel Pool

The pool area also has hint of technology. Each cabana is wired to fully run a meeting with ease. There is a pool lift for those with mobility challenges.

Bacan restaurant at Lake Nona Wave Hotel

One restaurant in the hotel, Bacan, features Rose the robot who assists the staff in delivering drinks and even meals sometimes.

I love that the hotel does not only claim that they are inclusive they put the claim to action including in the form of a children’s book where guests that are kids can read along with a virtual storyteller and learn more about diversity and inclusion.

If you’re looking for a different vacation experience in Orlando, Lake Nona is the place where you need to be. The new master plan development area is a rapidly growing with state-of-the-art sports facilities, outstanding dining, and a fresh look at how innovation can be integrated into our daily lives. Let us help you plan your visit to the Lake Nona Wave Hotel where you can prepare to be wowed. Contact us to book your stay at Lake Nona Wave Hotel!

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