Dynamite Dish: The Ray Hotel

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The Ray Hotel Review

The Ray is an experience that you do not want to miss. When you enter you almost feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension. The décor makes you feel like you’re outside but you’re really inside because they have so many beautiful plants and greenery! The rooms are well appointed. I found the light fixtures to be very creative and appealing to the eye. I loved that the mini bar was STOCKED! Theoretically one would not have to leave the room if they did not want to. The bathroom amenities were luxurious and left me wondering where I can buy them for myself! There is a little curtain if you want to play peek a boo with your travel partner while they’re in the shower. The service was impeccable from top to bottom. I even observed the hotel manager walking throughout the hotel chipping in being a great servant leader. The hotel has 5 dining options for you to choose from including an upcoming  Japanese Michelin restaurant called Akira Back and it estimated to open Mid/Late December 2021. When you know you know. Don’t stay anywhere else in Delray. I loved the Ray and can’t go back to visit!

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