Dynamite Dish: First Look At Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

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First Look At The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Welcome to the best new adult only cruise on the Scarlet Lady! Virgin Voyages has outdone themselves with this ship. From the moment you enter the ship it’s a party. You are greeted with big smiling faces as the bright lights bounce off of your face. There is a bar front and center steps away to grace you with a welcome drink. The ships colors red and white are all around you and you know right away that you’ve made it home. This ship is for people who like to have a good time and who like to capture photos while doing so. Everywhere you turn there is a photo opp on this ship. For people who enjoy fitness there are numerous workout options both indoor and outdoors. I was amazed when I saw three separate workout areas indoors as well as workout areas outdoors including punching bags! There are plenty of areas to lay out and catch the sun rays. However, I will be transparent and say that the pools were a bit small and this came as a surprise.

Let’s get into the food. The food was overall delectable. They do not hold back on flavor as we sometimes find on other ships. The food court style was super cute and made it feel more like a dining experience rather than dining in a cafeteria. The ice cream was so tasty (Strawberry was a hit). Pizza was good enough for a late night snack. Razzle dazzle was a treat for me as I enjoyed having healthy options to dine on. In Pink Agave you can have your own mezcal drink with a cricket! The bartenders all around were super friendly and knowledgeable. In the Test Kitchen restaurant you can create your own food and/or drinks. It’s an experience that is worth the money as they also teach you about plating, presentation, photo opps, and more!

Next, let’s move on to the rooms. There is a room type for absolutely everyone on this ship. From the solo traveler to the Rockstar with a crew the Scarlet Lady does not disappoint! The rooms are perfect for what you need them to be. The transformative living and sleeping area is convenient and the mood lighting really helps to get the party started. Let’s not leave out the fact that all of the terrace and suite rooms include at least one hammock (some suites have two)!

The entertainment was creative. They have staff that dance throughout the ship and they also have shows. I must warn you that front row seating in The Red Room can feel dangerous at times!

We know that Virgin is all about the music so why wouldn’t the ship have a record store! The record store was totally cool and you can listen before you buy. You can buy records along with a record player and speakers! The Groupie (karaoke lounges) was one of my favorite spots. I spent some time in there belting out my favorite songs without feeling bad about it. They plan to have drink and food service for this area in the future which will make it a totally fun entertainment option.

Overall, my Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady experience left me wanting to go back for more! Contact us for more info on this awesome ship and follow us on social for photos and videos!


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