The Top 6 River Cruises for Families and Groups

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The Top 6 River Cruises for Families and Groups


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Do you feel that? The wind in your hair, the sounds of waves crashing against your boat, the scents of divine cuisine wafting through the air, followed by the taste of luxurious wines… We know you can feel it now. These are the experiences everyone yearns for while traveling with their friends or family. If these luxuries call your name, that might be a sign that you must embark on a river cruise with your group of choice.

But what cruises out there are perfect for your group? Which ones suit your needs, provide the best amenities, and will take you to the best destinations? At Dynamite Travel, we can help you find the answer to these questions. 


Here are the top 6 river cruises perfect for families and groups

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1. Viking River Cruises

If you’re searching for a bold and mythical cruise, look no further than the legendary Viking River Cruises. With 25 awards and certificates from famous travel outlets, countless ships and adventures to offer, and some of the most historical destinations, Viking River Cruises will surely give you the “The Viking Difference” every daredevil strives to see.

Board one of their many cruises and journey through time aboard one of their stunning ships. Much like a true Viking’s voyage, most of their trips focus on cultural significance and historical exploration. Some of their special offers now include excursions through Amsterdam, Budapest, Berlin, Prague, and more famous European cities. Viking River Cruises also provides several luxurious accommodations, including an enhanced library, personalized tours, complimentary brochures, and more.

Unlike many other cruise lines, Viking River Cruises is known for its smaller ships, allowing travelers to cozy up and create fond memories together. Explore one of their many river cruises on your own with this link. Something special waits for you there, if you dare to embark on a Viking’s adventures. 

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2. AMA Waterway River Cruises

AMA Waterway River Cruises is an excellent choice for groups looking for extravagance. Famous for its inviting ships, elegant interiors, and exquisite sights, there’s no shortage of wonders on these unique voyages.

AMA Waterway River Cruises focuses on giving its travelers a quiet and lavish vacation. Upon visiting their website, you will discover that these luxury ships fit a cozy number of 156 guests. This comfortable number ensures the staff can give everyone (especially you and your crowd) their full attention. Some amenities you can look forward to receiving on these cruises include exclusive discounts, enchanting sights, specialty dining, and more. Twin balconies are included in every suite, allowing you to overlook the river scenery whenever your heart desires. 

With AMA Waterway River Cruises, you’ll find a grand, relaxing trip suited for your group. Visit their website with this link for more details on their exclusive deals, distinct accommodations, and personalized experiences.

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3. Avalon Waterways River Cruises

For travelers who want to see it all, there’s no better cruise excursion than Avalon Waterways. The ships on Avalon Waterways are the only ones in the world with an open-air balcony, giving you and your party a breathtaking view of your chosen destination. No matter where you want to go, Avalon Waterway Cruises will be sure to show you everything your destination has to offer. 

Avalon Waterway Cruises carefully considers freedom during your journey, making these cruises excellent for tourists wanting to explore. Here, you may do whatever your heart desires and wander your destination unbounded by strict schedules and events. Though classes, tours, and activities are available on board, you can skip their programs – no hard feelings. You and your travel group can enjoy your cruise however you wish. 

Avalon Waterway Cruises also offers different cruises to fit anyone’s passions or desires for traveling. Do you and your group have a set list of locations on your “must-visit” list? The exotic waterway cruises and European river cruises are lovely choices to explore those destinations. Do you and your group have a shared passion? Avalon’s unique “Special Interest” river cruises are suited just for that. 

If you’re ready to enjoy your vacation unbounded by rules, then Avalon Waterway Cruises is a fantastic cruise. Click the link here to visit their website and explore what adventures they are currently offering. 

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4. Atlas World Travel River Cruises

Specializing in natural Beauty, Atlas World Travel uniquely mesmerizes everyone aboard. Grab your friends and family and prepare for an unforgettable adventure.

Adventures through Atlas World Travel are all about exploring the Earth’s natural wonders. They offer exclusive trips through national treasures and hidden surprises, including the coasts of distant countries, the streams of local farms, and the waters of scenic towns. Their floor-to-ceiling windows and open-air balconies let passengers witness the breathtaking views of their destination everywhere they go. Travelers of all kinds describe their trips as “pleasant” and “relaxing” in their testimonials, making these trips perfect for groups hoping to escape the hustle-and-bustle of their daily lives. 

With tailored excursions, all-inclusive food and drink, and plenty of festivities, there’s no shortage of amusement aboard one of Atlas World Travel’s River Cruises. Visit their website through this link, and let the beauty of the Earth whisk you away. 

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5. Scenic Cruises

One of the many benefits of taking a group on a cruise is the ability to entertain many people at once. Scenic Cruises can do just that – with all the style and indulgence you could ask for. Some could even say the occurrences aboard Scenic Cruises are… astronomical. Who would want to miss out on that?

You and your group will notice an expansive difference from the second you board their ships. The suites of Scenic Cruises are, “some of the largest on Europe’s rivers” – perfect for any lively group that wants to explore and lounge their spacious boat. The complementary bars, dining options, fitness classes, and lounges provide special activities and opportunities to catch up with loved ones. And let’s not forget the endless experiences you’ll find on land. Scenic Cruises offers a variety of tours to suit everyone’s tastes. Biking, walking, boating, and more unique tours are provided to every client. These tours may be guided by a specialized guide, a mobile app, or by your own intuition. The choice is yours!

Scenic Cruises is a fantastic choice for groups wishing for a variety of wonders. Want to see more details? Visit their website by clicking on this link and see the diverse amenities for yourself.

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6. Disney River Cruises

Dreams really do come true on Disney’s River Cruises. With magical marvels through charming rivers (and tasty Mickey Mouse waffles), Disney River Cruises is a superb selection for families and groups traveling abroad. 

Whether traveling with friends or family, there’s something for you aboard Disney River Cruises, especially for any little ones you might be bringing. Disney Cruises’ itineraries offer various activities, tours, and events to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re traveling with an adult-only group, you may enjoy a luxury wine tasting paired with fine cuisine. Adventuring with kids? You can explore castle excursions and adventurous tours that will surely give them lifetime memories.

Disney offers five continents and both poles as potential destinations to travel to. Trips range between lasting a few nights and extending for several weeks, ensuring you and your group can find the perfect duration to travel together. With Disney’s variety, culture, and magic, these cruises can give you the adventure of a lifetime. 

Does Disney River Cruises call to you? If Disney River Cruises calls to you, visit their website through this link. Their endless destinations, various trips, and stunning amenities suit any group you travel with. 

Did one of these cruises catch your eye? Are you ready to set sail with your chosen crew of comrades? If you’re prepared to take the next step and board your trip abroad, be sure to schedule a consultation with a travel agent at Dynamite Travels. With their expertise and guidance, you’ll be sure to find the river cruise line that will whisk you away into paradise. 


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